Дианна Дурбин - ИЗ-ЗА НЕГО (1946) - часть 3

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Дианна Дурбин - ИЗ-ЗА НЕГО (1946) - часть 3

3-я часть фильма Дианны (Дины) Дурбин (Deanna Durbin) ИЗ-ЗА НЕГО (BECAUSE OF HIM).

Kim is upset that Nora would do such a thing, until she realizes that the publicity could work to her advantage. The fabricated story soon hits all the major newspapers. When John hears the news, he immediately goes to see Kim, and soon realizes that her suicide attempt was just as phoney as her fainting spell the night before. He reluctantly agrees to take her out nightclubbing. After their date, John tells Kim that she does indeed have promise and, after a lot of practice, he can help her in a few years. However, when Kim sings a song for him, he is so moved that he gives her the part on the spot. They go over the script together, and Kim returns home late. As she approaches her apartment, she finds Paul waiting for her. When Paul heard the news of Kim's "near-suicide", he felt guilty, since he believed that his not wanting her to be in "Strange Laughter" compelled her to take such drastic measures. He apologizes for his behavior. One thing leads to another and the two soon kiss under the moonlight. Paul then realizes that she is right for the part. However, when Paul finds out that the suicide attempt was fake, and that John had already given her a script (and the part!), he becomes angry at being deceived and storms out. At rehearsal for the play, Paul criticizes Kim's performance and berates her. John yells at him for being so insensitive, which leads to Paul's quitting the play. Just before "Strange Laughter"'s opening, it hits the newspapers that Paul is suing to have his name removed from it. Kim asks Paul to attend the dress rehearsal so that he can at least see it, though he refuses. On opening night, Kim is nervous but it doesn't affect her performance. Paul, incognito at the theater, hears the audience raving about the play during intermission. He sneaks in and goes backstage, where John manages to see him waiting in the wings. John, realizing that the two are actually in love beneath their differences, improvises the ending so that Kim ends up in Paul's arms, with everything seemingly forgiven between them.












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