ПОЛНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ За кадром Гарри Поттер и Философский камень

Дата: 02.05.2020 18:34:03 Просмотров: 413343 Длительность: 05:43:45

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ПОЛНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ За кадром Гарри Поттер и Философский камень

Устраивайтесь поудобнее, берите чай, конфеты и есь просмотром. Это какая-то магия ребят.

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Гарри Поттер на съемках

Ron Weasley

Гарри Поттер за кадром

Harry Potter

Rupert Grint

Dan Radcliffe

Emma Watson

Hermione Granger

Harry Potter behind the scenes

Гарри Поттер удаленные сцены

Matthew Lewis

Гарри Поттер

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Dwaco PoTtAh
02.04.2020 19:53:02
Okay, i aint got time now, but i know what i'm gonna do tonight. heheh
27.04.2020 12:10:15
It's seriously almost 6 hours of this shit. Nice.
Redninja 0400
17.04.2020 04:26:05
7:35 dan sounds like the muffin from asdf
Makenna Gillick
30.03.2020 20:56:54
I like the scenes with the kids.
09.04.2020 07:08:47
Does anyone know what the piano soundtrack is at the beginning please?
John Who cares what the name is
22.03.2020 19:36:53
Kids have no idea what’s comeing
Fiona G
24.03.2020 03:04:36
Tom Felton and Emma Watson are so sweet together
04.04.2020 06:52:41
this video is so wholesome and reminds me that they were real kids once. i love it.
19.04.2020 22:48:14
I felt uncomfterable seeing the actor of hagrid not smiling! It was so out of character lol!
12.04.2020 00:12:03
I one held the owl in the opening scene in the fitst movie the owner came to are school
Christian Flores
13.04.2020 04:35:23
It's interesting to think that I was also the same exact age they were
Hardly Music
02.05.2020 21:27:23
I’m watching this to convince myself that there is no real magic. And I am just a muggle, nothing more. Much less
Cian PR
29.04.2020 06:29:35
There's going to be a day when all these people are gone and forgotten, quite sad
14.04.2020 14:53:01
this is amazing to see
Harry James Potter
18.04.2020 02:45:57
Makes sense i was HP on world book day, same b day, same glasses, same hair, same personality, same sass etc.
Samantha Hernandez
24.03.2020 19:20:44
oh my gosh tiny Dan is so cuuuuuuuute so is tiny Rupert
Mick Rory
17.04.2020 02:35:55
Gosh... this warms my heart so much. They were just kids doing kid things. They didn’t know what was coming, and it’d change their lives forever
val martin!!
17.04.2020 10:42:34
so different to see this kids as normal, average kids. kind of making me emotional.
Garlic Bread Clowd
27.04.2020 09:22:12
Well this is 5 2/3 hours long
Katsuki Bakugou
31.03.2020 01:40:37
Imagine if they accidentally messed up the letter scene how long it would take to re get all the letters
Missy Lang
01.04.2020 03:24:10
Rupert is adorbs!!!!! ???????????????????? 2:49:503:08:18 ????❤️❤️The first Dumbledore3:34:16 Malfoy and Goyle? doing a slick middle finger ????????
Karen Grijalva
20.04.2020 15:04:51
Something about knowing that Daniel did the same card trick I did as a kid makes me tear up a bit ????
02.05.2020 10:10:39
2:44 I didn't know they would have multiple cakes just for one or two scenes
The Crazy Camper
17.04.2020 18:13:02
omg daniel here at 4:06:09 with his freakin sunglasses ahhhhhh so adorable
Ella Boisvert
16.04.2020 00:23:07
40:23ahhh haven't heard that in years
Freda M
14.04.2020 03:08:11
aw what was wrong with dan at 4:06:47
Accidental Goat Sodomy
30.03.2020 15:57:12
Emma Watson’s absolutely adorable
arianne b.
14.04.2020 17:34:47
am i the only concerned about the kid at 4:05 with the same harry potter hair, outfit and glasses? the one behind daniel
Amabel Sutherland
07.04.2020 06:05:18
i could watch this 100 times
Anaïs Banneville
22.03.2020 17:37:15
Hahahah did anyone catch Dan saying "cross-dressing Columbus!" when he was holding the handbag? Hilarious
Josefina Bovee
30.04.2020 22:57:10
does anybody know if rik mayall is in this at all?
Dawson Gunderman
21.04.2020 02:21:30
Why did this make me emotional?
Nafasgul Faqiri
22.03.2020 13:50:46
4:27 Awh.. The other Harry Potter right next to Daniel!
F Chef Gaming
24.04.2020 18:58:19
The Harry Potter series gave me so much joy and hust looking behind the scenes showed me they had a good time while performing and just acting like normal kids.
Casey Collins
29.03.2020 23:24:47
2:11 the British version of “ope!”
It’s Clem Time Bitch!!
02.04.2020 19:39:16
They seem so happy. It’s so beautiful and wholesome
14.04.2020 03:06:04
wow, so much cake...
Amiel Conchada
23.04.2020 05:36:46
5:15:24 wtf lol
Mark Goodrum
09.04.2020 13:35:52
I really love seeing this stuff, puts a huge smile on my face ????????Oh and anyone reading this is beautiful and can achieve anything :)
Mia Stanley
31.03.2020 06:42:59
how you know there from USA: sorcerer stone
Bad vibes
15.04.2020 11:21:47
Did I have Just Watched Straight 6 hour Long Video...
03.04.2020 16:59:49
What i just heard !!!!5:15:29
Walking the Tightrope
22.04.2020 12:04:15
this makes me so happy! it reminds me of being a kid and all the annoying innocence. Dan LOVES the camera and it's so funny to see all of them talk about random stuff. They're all having so much fun. I wish I was a kid again
10.04.2020 19:10:18
9:25Camera Man: Master magicianDaniel: One dayYears LaterDaniel: * is in now you see me too *
Victoria Waters
14.04.2020 15:02:45
Wait can someone please tell me what was that lady saying to Dan at 4:06:47 ?
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
31.03.2020 07:24:07
During Daniel card tricks, i guess they were building the Dursly house????????????? it be funny if they were building the whole streets ????
09.04.2020 12:10:01
Who was taking all these videos?
• AllysonYamPlays •
04.04.2020 00:09:55
Did you work for them or did you find these footages? This is amazing!!
27.03.2020 20:17:47
Charlotte So
30.04.2020 09:19:36
3:16“Oh! No! The remembrall!”Tom is so cute
Hermione Granger
22.03.2020 02:21:51
My favorite part of the 1st movie is when Dudley says," I'm not Harry!" because the actors real name is Harry
Dachy Boy
16.04.2020 02:56:37
Thank you I’m in love with this video
25.03.2020 22:43:07
Zayan Omar Adham
15.04.2020 00:33:55
This is absolutely brilliant, brought back loads of memories. Thank you for uploading this.
Redwald Cuthberting
01.05.2020 12:01:50
All those birthday cakes. XD
27.04.2020 01:11:16
10:38Ah, yes, the famous Harry Potter. Great wizard he is.edit:2:51:19"That's our song" they're so damn adorable I CAN'T.
21.03.2020 00:51:26
their voices are so iconic
13.04.2020 02:57:09
Why was thee two Harry’s
22.03.2020 10:55:13
not gonna lie, i cried a bit
27.04.2020 06:07:23
Can somebody tell me how to play the slapping game at 04:37:04 ?
ananasik pets
29.03.2020 10:47:46
Просто я не могу и недели не прожить чтобы не посмотреть 1 из фильмов Гарри Поттера
John R. Timmers
03.04.2020 06:23:14
Hey just a heads up, a lot of youtubers have discovered your channel and are making videos about it. The internet has begun to discover you, that sub count is about to grow a lot I can feel it. Im subbed myself
Reims Arlett
24.03.2020 19:23:33
Where did you get that? :O
Chase Christou
18.04.2020 18:38:32
It’s kinda sad watching this cause it reminds me that it’s fake....
Natalia Edges
27.03.2020 17:17:37
Great to watch while schools are closed
omega lul kek
17.04.2020 20:22:31
Back when Emma Watson only cared about teeth checks and not giving speeches at the UN.
05.04.2020 04:58:40
nostalgia hits hard nowadays
05.04.2020 06:04:12
I had to look up "Memorex" 6:46
Ellason Barden
23.03.2020 08:58:41
I feel bad for the guy playing hagrid also when he cept messing up I couldn't stop laughing "he's you dark arts against FU**" ????
Валентина Хван
23.03.2020 11:46:13
Боже,это мировой шедевр....
alpha hyperion
28.04.2020 23:03:02
3:39 my favorite
Tycho Svoboda
25.04.2020 02:01:48
Does anyone know if there are any other similar documentary type films from the other movies
Yona Lee
16.04.2020 13:39:34
Why’s Daniel wearing sunglasses the whole time????
21.04.2020 21:53:31
4:11:42, best scene imo
Marcelery Stick
09.04.2020 07:30:33
1:15:56 the audio
xx Neon Shadow Pugss xx
16.04.2020 03:59:26
Who else watched it all???
Tycho Svoboda
24.04.2020 07:08:51
How did you get this footage?
Girish Sharma
05.04.2020 21:02:01
this is amazing how come you have so less views